You Can Beat The Credit Bureaus? Here’s Proof!

This is an older court case but bares review.  We need everyone to know that the credit reporting agencies are not infallible and can be beaten.

Yesterday, a federal court jury in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania returned an $800,000 verdict against the Trans Union credit reporting agency in a fair credit reporting case. The verdict is the largest known of its kind in a Pennsylvania federal court.

In its verdict, the jury concluded that Trans Union had violated four provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by not conducting a proper initial investigation; by not making proper disclosures to Cortez when she complained; by failing to note her dispute in subsequent reports; and by failing to have procedures that would ensure “maximum possible accuracy” in its reports.

The preferred way to go about it, says Clarksdale, Miss., trial lawyer Michael Lewis, is to sue for defamation. He should know. In 1998 Lewis won a $4.5 million verdict against the credit bureau TransUnion for a client who had been a victim of identity fraud and had been unable to clear his name. The case is under review by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The credit bureaus won’t venture forth to check public documents such as court judgments and county property records, but they will accept copies of supporting documentation from consumers. In rare cases they might even repair a consumer’s credit record based on such documents, “but a month later we’ll get the same old information from the credit grantor again,” Mooney says.

A “shadow world” ripe for a fall
It’s that kind of attitude toward the consumer that makes Lewis call the credit-reporting industry “a shadow world that is almost beyond the reach of the law and is certainly above and beyond the reach of the consumer.”

Safe Haven Credit has ten years experience in dealing with the credit bureaus, knows the laws and uses innovative dispute tactics and other credit restoration methods making full use of consumers credit rights as established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal laws.  Our Credit Manual will give you full details on how to “beat the credit bureaus”

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I don't much like the pompous attitude of the credit bureaus and the damage they have caused consumers and businesses, so I like to rant about it here...
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4 Responses to You Can Beat The Credit Bureaus? Here’s Proof!

  1. Stephanie Miller says:

    Nice to know those ungracious bas….ds can be beat. I have been trying ‘for two years to get student loans reported correctly, I’ve given them proof and they still won’t fix the damn reporting. Guess I’ll sue.

  2. Duane Hopper says:

    Lawful credit reporting is important to the system of extending credit to those that need it. Education, Homes, Cars, and day to day activities. We are no longer a “cash” society. And as long as plastic and promise to pay are the standards to let the consumer obtain their food, clothes, and homes then it is important to have a measurement that “lowers risk” for the lender. However, if the credit bureaus are “too big” to legally document the credit being reported then they are creating a “smoke and mirrors” environment for both the consumer as well as those extending credit.
    The consumer needs advocates that can challenge the undocumented reports. Thank you “Safe Haven Credit” and to all those that serve this role.

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