Can Personality Influence Your Credit Score?

A recent study out of Stanford University and Columbia University states that it is possible to predict someone’s credit rating by how patient or impatient they are.  (The Journal of the Association for Psychological Science)

Having a good credit score is no longer an option.  It is paramount!  With good credit we qualify for the best mortgage, credit card and insurance rates.  It often determines whether we get the job we want.  However, the likelihood of predicting someone’s credit by personality???

It has to do with patience, those who are more patient will generally have higher credit scores over time.  Income did not matter.  It appears that the patient can delay gratification, while the impatient tends to be impulsive.

By waiting to make a purchase, holding out until you can afford it, this improves your ability to survive in tough times and significantly lowers your stress level.

A bit of advice might be;  if you know your are impulsive, recognize that and consciously work to overcome it.  You will definitely thank yourself in the future.


About Safe Haven Credit

I don't much like the pompous attitude of the credit bureaus and the damage they have caused consumers and businesses, so I like to rant about it here...
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