Get Qualified Quickly


Is to get you credit qualified and quickly, be it for a mortgage, car or installment loan, student loan, credit cards, employment, security clearance, etc.! To help you establish new positive credit the right way. And to help you eliminate the negative credit lowering your credit scores.

Yes, bad credit can be removed from your credit report

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, we assist our clients in doing this every day.  Every month hundreds of negative credit items are removed from credit reports.

Our approach takes a legal tact against the credit bureaus by challenging the FCRA. Unlike credit repair companies we do not dispute what is on the credit report, but the right of the credit bureaus to report anything without being in compliance with the law.

Experience & Proven Results

SHC has over fifteen years experience in dealing with the credit bureaus. We are aligned with a group of Consumer Advocate attorneys who have assisted us in refining and perfecting our legal tactics and their corresponding results. Visit our Proof Pages.


Safe Haven Credit has one of the lowest costs in the industry. As low as $69 per month and this covers TWO people!

The Bottom Line

We feel it is crucial to engage you consistently to ensure you understand this process. And we feel it is important for you to be able to keep tabs on your  progress. We provide an online monitoring process which you can access.  Our goal is to teach you and assist you to be a qualified borrower to you in the shortest possible time.


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