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Experian wouldn’t fix bad credit, and loses huge!

Not fixing a bad credit report pays $18.6 million dollar jury award. This is the recent case of Julie Miller whose credit file was merged and mixed with someone else with the same name.  After numerous attempts and lots of … Continue reading

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3 Things Not to do In Credit Repair

Repairing your credit works if you avoid these 3 things. 1. Time Warp – you can’t hurry Mother Nature and you won’t hurry the credit bureaus! The credit repair industry has done so much damage to itself by trying to … Continue reading

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Suing The Credit Bureaus? Have A Purpose

Be wise about suing the credit bureaus I’ve had a second email this month about “suing the credit bureaus” because they don’t have proof of the negative credit that they are reporting. Now hold on before you get all worked … Continue reading

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3 Powerful Tips To Remove Bad Credit

Removing Bad Credit Can Drastically Improve Your Credit Scores Removing unverified bad credit from your credit report is relatively easy.  Along with correcting inaccurate or out-dated information.  Part of the process requires you to dispute or challenge the negative credit … Continue reading

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How to remove debt collections

The law has added a new wrinkle to removing debt collections! Junk debt buyers, most often known as collection companies, deserve the bad rap they have earned. And today, with the help of the FTC, the Consumer Financial Protection Board … Continue reading

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The Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program

The need for credit restoration has become so great, that consumers need a good resource to learn about credit repair and how to improve their credit. The information on the internet is often misleading and most folks would rather talk … Continue reading

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The Top 3 Tips For Credit Report Repair

From The Credit Experts We are in agreement that the credit bureaus have terrible quality control, do not verify your actual documents and statements and simply accept the word of those reporting information about you.  In other words, NO ONE … Continue reading

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