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Judge: 90% of Credit Card Lawsuits Can’t Prove Borrower Owes Money!

Re-posted from Naked Capitalism Credit card debt collection may achieve the dubious distinction of making mortgage servicers look good. The New York Times has been keeping a bit of a watch on this area, and reported earlier that credit card … Continue reading

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Can You Be Taxed For Forgiven Debt?

If you’ve received a surprise 1099-C tax form in the mail, you may be wondering if it’s taxable income for you. I want to explain. The 1099-Cs popping up in people’s mailboxes are really fallout from the financial crisis over … Continue reading

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Can Personality Influence Your Credit Score?

A recent study out of Stanford University and Columbia University states that it is possible to predict someone’s credit rating by how patient or impatient they are.  (The Journal of the Association for Psychological Science) Having a good credit score … Continue reading

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Rip Off Alert – Banks Up To Old Tricks

Banks push business cards on consumers RIP-OFF ALERT: The misbehavior of the giant monster mega-banks continues with word that they’re targeting consumers with millions upon millions of pitches for inferior business cards. When somebo dy who does something wrong gets … Continue reading

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The Next Housing Shock!

Are You A Victim?       Mortgage Fraud Grows! If you missed this 60 Minutes piece, it’s a real beauty of investigative work!  Believe me it is worth seeing and letting your friends and associates know about this.  This is a “growing” … Continue reading

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This Summer Credit Scores Must Be Disclosed!

Beginning this summer, financial institutions will be required to disclose your credit score whenever they make an adverse decision such as turning down your loan application or putting you into a higher interest rate loan. Years ago, there was one … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Credit, It’s About Finances!

Seems there is a great deal more month left when the money runs short, especially in today’s economy.  And seriously, I wonder where I spent it all. Up comes that dreaded word, BUDGET!  I know, we all talk about doing … Continue reading

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