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Urgent! Start Your Credit Report Repair NOW!

Credit Report Repair – What Must Be Done It is absolutely urgent that you start repairing your credit report.  Too many companies have found a way to raise there interest rates and fees that they charge you based on having … Continue reading

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Two Things You Must Absolutely Do To Raise Credit Scores

Here are even more ways to quickly raise your credit scores

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Fix Bad Credit – Improve Credit Scores

Fix Bad Credit – Improve Credit Scores Rebuilding credit can be a nightmare.  A recent news article by 60 Minutes truly exposed how difficult it is to get the credit bureaus to do anything to help restore your credit.  However, … Continue reading

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Will Suing The Credit Bureaus Fix Bad Credit?

Improving Credit Scores May Take A Lawsuit Consumers, in an effort to improve credit scores, have alleged that the bureaus — Equifax, TransUnion and Experian — are engaging in a practice that artificially lowers their credit scores, and that they … Continue reading

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What do I do after Bankruptcy?

I had to laugh the other day when talking to a prospect that had just completed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. When it was all done, he had called up his attorney and asked what do I do next? And the … Continue reading

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How To Raise My Credit Score

It’s not impossible, it just seems like it. Coming from poor credit requires action on two fronts.  First it is critical that you use credit.  Over 50% of your credit score comes from positive credit use and recent credit history.  … Continue reading

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CFPB to rein in the credit bureaus

Filing a lawsuit may be the only way to get an error on your report removed The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been given oversight over the nation’s three main credit bureaus, but you still may have to take matters … Continue reading

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