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Can Personality Influence Your Credit Score?

A recent study out of Stanford University and Columbia University states that it is possible to predict someone’s credit rating by how patient or impatient they are.  (The Journal of the Association for Psychological Science) Having a good credit score … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Credit, It’s About Finances!

Seems there is a great deal more month left when the money runs short, especially in today’s economy.  And seriously, I wonder where I spent it all. Up comes that dreaded word, BUDGET!  I know, we all talk about doing … Continue reading

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Protect Your Credit Privacy – Opt Out!

If you’ve ever wondered why you receive solicitations for credit in the mail, it’s because your personal credit information is being sold by the credit bureaus (Equifax, Trans Union & Experian).  They have gathered an enormous amount of credit, employment, … Continue reading

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