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How To Beat Credit Card Debt Collectors

You can beat credit card debt collectors if you know the rules There are so many cases in point of debt collection company’s inability to prove that you owe them the debt. These alleged debts were sold to these companies … Continue reading

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Debt Collectors Dirty Little Secret

 How to stop debt collections and loose the debt I continue to rant about the underground, almost illegal debt collection business.  Between the news coverage exposing just how bad it is and the Federal Trade Commission making a show of … Continue reading

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Collection Agencies – A Truly Sleazy Business

Collection Agencies – a legal underworld It is truly amazing what these so called “junk debt dealers” are getting away with.  In any other world, it would be considered a crime. Our government has condoned collection agencies by setting up … Continue reading

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How to remove debt collections

The law has added a new wrinkle to removing debt collections! Junk debt buyers, most often known as collection companies, deserve the bad rap they have earned. And today, with the help of the FTC, the Consumer Financial Protection Board … Continue reading

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Debt collection and debt collectors; what to do

As the economy soured so did the credit bubble and the business of collecting bad debts mushroomed.  When a loan goes south, the lender will often sell the debt to a third party collection agency.  On average the debt collector … Continue reading

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New Ruling Makes It Easier To Get an FHA Loan For Some

A new rule prohibiting homebuyers from getting a Federal Housing Administration mortgage if they owe more than $1,000 in outstanding collections accounts could cut demand by up to 20%, according to banking analysts. The rule went into effect April 1. … Continue reading

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Can You Be Taxed For Forgiven Debt?

If you’ve received a surprise 1099-C tax form in the mail, you may be wondering if it’s taxable income for you. I want to explain. The 1099-Cs popping up in people’s mailboxes are really fallout from the financial crisis over … Continue reading

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